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Traditionally, the environmental and natural resource policies of the EU were recognised as good examples in Russia. Many environmental governance institutions were modelled after the EU. There is however a knowledge gap in understanding of what the role of EU institutions is, and how exactly EU internal and external action in the field of natural resource management and environmental protection is perceived by and impacts on various stakeholder groups in Russia, in particular, where local and regional perspectives are concerned.

GRASS is a cross-fertilisation project addressing this by studying EU sectoral, regional, & global natural resource governance and the implications for Russia, in particular the north-western region as well as Russian perspectives on the issue. GRASS emphasis three issue areas within the EU governance of natural resources and their external dimension:

  • The Baltic Sea: An example of EU regional policies; 
  • Biodiversity: A case of EU sectoral policies; and
  • The Arctic: Manifesting EU geopolitics.


"Lake Peipus, River Narva and their Watersheds: local issues and regional cooperation. Two Facets of EU Governance of Natural Resources in the Baltic Region: Perspectives of Russia and the Eastern Neighbourhood Area", March 14-16, 2018, Pskov, Russia

“EU biodiversity policy: opportunities and challenges for Russia and Eastern Neighborhood Area”, August 13-15, 2018, Mahilioŭ, Belarus

“Governance of natural resources in the Arctic region: perspectives of the EU and Russia”, September, 2018, St.-Petersburg, Russia


"EU Governance of natural resources: geopolitics, regions and sectors", 2019, Pskov, Russia

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